Daily contact lenses

The ultimate in convenience, daily lenses offer you the cleanliness of fresh lenses daily. Infused with artificial tears and with an ultra-thin edge, they are the ultimate in comfort.

Fortnightly lenses

The most affordable, these popular lenses are available in a variety of powers for near and far-sighted people.

Monthly lenses

Breathable and convenient, monthly lenses last for the whole month.

Rigid Gas Permeable

RGP lenses are hard lenses that are custom made for your eyes. Small and comfortable, their cleanliness is also assured with the peroxide cleaning system.

Scleral lenses

Scleral lenses are larger contact lenses with edges that rest on the white of the eye. They create a tear-filled vault over the cornea. Scleral lenses are great for unusually shaped eyeballs.

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For those patients already wearing disposable contact lenses, please click here for important contact lens and eye care information.

Why Byron Bay Eyecare

Byron Bay Eyecare is committed to providing the highest quality, professional eye care in an ethical, non-corporate setting.

Health Funds and Medicare

Byron Bay Eyecare uses Hicaps and accepts all Health funds and processes all Medicare claims on the spot for a hassle free experience.

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